Friday, December 08, 2006


I am going through withdrawal. I haven't really cooked since last week. Hubby has been on the road 3 days this week. I have been subbing at the school, trying to paint the kitchen, and putting in time at the office. We have lived on takeout, convenience foods, and nothing at all. I NEED a good homecooked meal. I need real food. I am in withdrawal.

My kitchen is in a state of total chaos. Paint, brushes, and rollers litter the countertop. The table is shoved into the pantry. The stove is pulled away from the wall and sits in the middle of the room. The cabinets are empty with the drawers and doors topping the tarped dining room table and in a multi-colored state with various coats of the new paint and some still in the old. The walls are ribboned with blue painter's tape and a patchwork of new and old paint. Only the ceiling painting is fully complete.

Not only do we need the nutritional balance of a home cooked meal, we need the comfort of the routine of preparing dinner and sharing a meal. In the chaos of hectic schedules and home improvement projects, we need the solace of a real dinner. My body and mind cry for simmering pots and meals that don't require ketchup. I crave the euphoria of a beautifully presented meal and the idle and calming conversation that accompanies it. I am anxious for life to settle down and my plate to once again be filled with menus of my creation.

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