Saturday, February 24, 2007


Our area was hit with freezing rain and blowing snow over the past couple of days. Hubby is out of town, and I am home alone with only with the pups and the TV to keep me company amidst the snow drifts. But, WAIT! The satellite dish is snowed over! I have no TV to help me while away the hours! S-O-S!!

My usual plan of attack for removing snow from the satellite dish that is mounted on the side of the second story of our home is to open the spare bedroom window, pop off the screen, and lean out with the broom to clear away the snow and ice that are blocking the signal. However, after the new exterior paint job of last summer, I can't seem to get the window open today. I know that it opened at the time of the painting, but the combination of cold and disuse has left all of those windows stuck. I need a new plan.

Ever resourceful me, trudges out into the snow to locate the long extension ladder that is buried in a snow drift beside the house. I manage to pull it from the snow, maneuver it to the back of the house, and set it in place for climbing to the satellite dish. Grabbing the broom, I start my way up the ladder, but it might as well be Mt. Hood as the snows blow in circles around me. I am petrified with fear about half way up to the gutters. I can't force myself to make the full climb to the snowy dish. Sheepishly, I back down the ladder and decide that it is time to send out a full S.O.S.

I head next door to a young neighbor, but find him also to be not home. I mentally go through the list of possible help, only to realize that many of them are either out in the country in this yucky weather, or out of town with my husband. I consider trying the ladder again, but know that my fear of heights is much greater than my need for TV. I decided to try calling the neighbor across the street and see if her teenage son could answer my S.O.S. They readily agreed. Eventually, my reception issues were cleared, and TV was restored...all of the millions of channels of nothing that left me reading a book, anyway.

All of this frantic rushing around in the blowing snow has created a huge hunger. I haven't been in the mood or had the time to do much cooking during this week of solo living. My meals have consisted of canned soups, cold cereal, and a few defrosted leftovers. Today's panicked S.O.S. left me considering comfort food. Creamy milk gravy spilling over slices of toasted bread is definitely comfort food. Traditionally, crumbled ground beef, sausage, or dried beef are added for flavor and texture. However, some time ago, I stumbled upon a recipe that included diced boiled eggs. It is a hearty breakfast option, or a simple dinner for times when I am alone and in need of comfort food. Hubby still prefers the standard creamed gravy options poured over his toast or biscuits, but when I am on my own, I like the simplicity of the boiled eggs. (And, I usually always have the ingredients for the egg version on hand in the fridge.) After a crazed afternoon in the blowing snow, the S.O.S. has landed on my plate.

Creamed Eggs on Toast
5 tablespoons butter
4 tablespoons flour
2 cups milk
½ teaspoon salt
3 hard-boiled eggs, chopped
3-4 slices bread, to toast

Melt butter over medium-high heat.
Whisk in flour.
When bubbly, whisk in milk a little at a time.
Add salt.
Continue to whisk til thick and bubbly.
Remove from heat and add chopped eggs.
Toast and butter slices of bread.
Lay slices on individual plates and spoon on Creamed Eggs. (Serves 2-4)

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