Thursday, June 28, 2007

Odds and Ends

One lonesome button, a lighter, a nail file, a small allen wrench, a tiny light bulb from the Christmas lights, an expired credit card, and a AA battery are rolling around in the corner of my desk drawer were odds and ends come to rest. In a Mason jar on top of the dryer, I have a collection of nuts and bolts, screws, springs, fuses, coins, an old pocket knife, and even a few business cards that have made their way through the laundry but have no real home. The console of my car has tins of Altoids cinnamon gum, lipbalm, a granola bar, change from McDonald's, a rock, and the charger for the cell phone I had before my current one. Odds and ends collect everywhere, if we let them.

One morning, someone woke up to find a few strawberries, an orange, some grapes, and an avocado staring at them. They were inspired to throw together a quick salad, season with salt and pepper, and post the recipe online. I am grateful. It is beyond delicious. The contrast of the crisp flavors of the fruits and the creamy avocado is brilliant. Of course, I am happy when odds and ends become Odds and Ends Fruit Breakfast Salad On My Plate.

Odds and Ends Fruit Breakfast Salad

1 medium navel orange
6 strawberries
12 green seedless grapes
1 avocado
kosher salt
fresh ground black pepper

Peel and segment the orange, slice the strawberries, grapes and avocado.
Toss together.
Season with salt and top with fresh ground black pepper. (Serves 2)

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