Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Face on the Milk Carton

No. You don't have to start looking for my face on milk cartons. I haven't disappeared. Things are just incredibly busy. After spending a week working at the school, I am trying to get caught up on some office work and have finally started my full kitchen painting project. Add to this the extra farm bookwork for the beginning of the month, and the usual level of chaos that surrounds me, and I am just wiped out. My plate is full, but not with food.

We have kept our meals very simple. Lunches have been canned soup and cold cereal. Dinners haven't been much more inspiring. Sunday night, I cashed in my National Men Make Dinner Day rain check. Hubby used that pound of ground beef that I had originally defrosted for the Thai-Style sloppy joe meal, and made Salisbury steaks with egg noodles. It was a hearty, comforting meal after a long day of chores and paint prep work...and before a night spent at the office. Monday, as usual, took Hubby out with the truck for the liquid feed supplement run. His dinner was on the road, and about 10pm, I ate 3 leftover chicken wings that he brought home. I had spent the day painting (with some very good help) and was too exhausted to care if I really ate, or not. Today, I overslept, but spent most of the day in the office. When I came home this evening, I once again dug into the painting, but had to put that on hold and handle some farm bookwork after our frozen pizza dinner.

Hopefully, over the next few days, things will even out, our meals will improve, and I will regain some energy and motivation to post. In the mean time, the only milk cartons that we need to look for are new full ones. I had the last of the milk this morning, and didn't think about picking up more when I was out and about today.


  1. Love the milk carton Fran....your creativity is as great as your cooking. Can't wait to try the buffalo chicken sandwich.


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