Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Stars and Stripes Forever

All hail to the Red, White, and Blue! How about a fresh and cool salad to celebrate Independence Day? Juicy, sweet watermelon paired with tart blueberries, creamy and rich cottage cheese, and good for your salad greens can be the perfect simple salad for the Fourth of July, or anytime you need something light. Show your spirit On YOUR Plate and enjoy the fireworks!

Red, White, and Blue Salad
baby greens
2 slices watermelon, 1 inch thick
2 cups cottage cheese
½ cup fresh blueberries
Line 4 salad plates with baby greens.
Cut each watermelon slice into 10 equal wedges; remove rind.
Arrange 5 melon wedges on each plate in a circle with points outward to resemble a star.
Spoon cottage cheese into centers of watermelon stars.
Sprinkle blueberries over cottage cheese. (Serves 4)

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