Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Rocky Road

I feel like I have been travelling a rocky road full of bumps and stumbles. I know that I have logged this complaint before, but it seems as if nothing can be simple. Everything requires a struggle and more frustration than I have patience to bear. OK...maybe not everything...maybe just electronics...maybe just computers...and printers...and routers.

The path down this rocky road started last week with a software issue at the office. There was a large report to print and the computer didn't want to communicate with the printer. During the spooling process, it would hang up and freeze the system. After a very long night, some creative fixes worked around the problem, and some more thought found a solution that will hopefully avoid the situation in the future.

Then, the printer issues wound around that rocky path and followed me home. End of the month means finalizing bookwork for Hubby's business and generating reports and statements. I was putting off part of this process as I prepped for a get-together with some girlfriends and tried to print some recipes to prepare for our snacking. Clank! Bang! Snap! My printer made a horrible noise and refused to feed in paper. One of the paper feed gears snapped off inside the printer. Crud. I knew that I shouldn't have put off the business bookwork.

Hubby took pity on me and picked up a new printer while he was out with the truck on a liquid feed supplement run. (This was an major act of kindness, as it meant maneuvering a semi-truck and trailer through streets that are not meant for truck traffic.) I set up the new printer, get it installed, and find that one of the ink cartridges that came with it is being rejected. How many rocks and bumps are on this rocky road? After half an hour on hold with customer support and not even talking with a human, a very fruitless online chat with other support staff, and wanting to pack the printer up and drive the 3 hours to return it, I found that doing something that I was expressly warned not to do finally allowed the new printer to function.

Fast forward to this evening, I decide that it is time to install the wireless router for Hubby's laptop. I should have known that I hadn't hit the smooth roads yet. Three hours later, and it still isn't functioning properly. I give up. Maybe tomorrow will be the day that I can leave the rocky roads of frustration with computer issues behind.

In the meantime, I am going to speed to a good rocky road. Rocky Road Pizza is a dessert that I prepared for last night's get-together with my girlfriends. Just a small sliver of a slice is more than enough for this super richly topped cookie crust, but with it, I can see the good in a rocky road. I will temporarily stop my whining and will myself to be calm as I indulge in this gooey delight. I want this rocky road on my plate.

Rocky Road Pizza

1 package Pillsbury refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough
½ cup chopped salted peanuts
1 cup miniature marshmallows
1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips
½ cup caramel ice cream topping

Preheat oven at 350 degrees.
Press or roll cookie dough to a lightly buttered 12 inch pizza pan.
Cook 15 minutes until lightly brown.
Remove from oven.
Sprinkle evenly with peanuts, chocolate chips, and marshmallows.
Drizzle with caramel topping.
Bake addition 5-10 till marshmallows are lightly brown.
Let cool for 20 minutes. (Pizza slices much more easily when almost fully cooled.)
Cut into slices or squares. (Serves 16)

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