Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pampering YOU

Did you enter to win one of the TWO $50 Pampered Chef gift certificates that my friend, Rhonda, and I were giving away? You did? Then, you are probably very anxious for me to finally announce the winners. You may have checked Facebook or back here with the blog several times today. You were probably disappointed when there was no announcement of which lucky people get to treat themselves to awesome products from Pampered Chef.

I am sorry. I really am. It has been a hectic day (week, actually...and not pretend). The shearing crew is at the farm, and this means while the guys are busting their humps to make all the lambs pretty with new hair cuts, I am buried in food prep, delivery, serving, and clean up. Making lunch for a very full table is not that big of a deal for me, but what kills me is baking cookies for their mid-afternoon break. I.HATE.BAKING.COOKIES. However, I like pretty lambs with new haircuts, so I bake cookies anyway. Tonight, it was Oatmeal Chocolate Chip. Hubs promptly devoured as many as he could grab before I swatted him away. I guess that means they are good.

But, you don't care about shearing lambs, and whining about baking, and all my excuses. You just want to know who won the drawings, right? OK. Here goes...

I considered using an online random number generator for the drawing, but decided to go old school. I scrolled through first, On My Plate's Facebook page, and then, all of the comments on the blog post and jotted names down on colored note cards, blue for Facebook comments, and yellow for the blog comments. I tossed the blue cards into my Pampered Chef Batter Bowl, stirred them around, closed my eyes, and grabbed one. Then, I dumped out those names, added the yellow cards, did the mix and mingle, and again closed my eyes and chose another winner. Fair enough? I hope so.

So...the Facebook commenter that won said, "I would get the stackable cooling racks. I made the Spinach Meatballs tonight and they were fabulous!!" 

Is that your comment? It is if you are Michelle Humann!

Congratulations! The stackable cooling racks are incredible and one of the things that make baking cookies tolerable for me. So convenient! Also, THANK YOU for trying a recipe from the blog. We love the Spinach Meatballs and have been making them with ground lamb recently. Delish.

This lucky blog commenter was chosen: "Thanks to your blog, I have procrastinated in house work this morning, am drooling over your recipes AND have a Pampered Chef "wish list"!! My hubby, as well as I, would absolutely LOVE the Biscuits and Gravy Breakfast Roll and the Sauteed Herbed Mushrooms. A couple others that caught my eye were the Cauliflower Rigatoni and Pasta with Roasted Cauliflower, Sage and Browned Butter. Unfortunately these are all "no-no's" for me right now, but I will be able to prepare and enjoy them in moderation soon!!! You can never have to many kitchen gadgets!!! I am the proud owner of many Pampered Chef items and have been to some of your friends shows, she is AMAZING!! I would love to add to my collection the mini scoop & measure set, 2 cup prep bowl set, salad chopper (I can prepare my salad with these and serve in my bamboo salad bowl set from Pamp. Chef) and last, but not least, the decorator bottle set. My mom would be so proud if I followed in her footsteps decorating cakes!!! I do NOT see that happening, but would enjoy decorating cakes/treats for my family, friends and students. Enough procrastinating...time to go sort laundry and dig into housework!!
Sincerely, "Anonymous"....aka Diane Harkin

Diane's enthusiasm makes me smile and really helped to make this fun giveaway worthwhile. Sometimes, it feels as if I am just talking to myself when I am blogging, and to know that you are reading and enjoying what I share is great. THANK YOU, and congratulations!

Rhonda and I would like to thank EVERYONE who commented and entered in the drawings. Pampered Chef offers some marvelous products that make time spent in the kitchen easier. I am honored to have a friend that wants to share this with all of my readers.

Michelle and Diane can contact me through the Contact Page here on the blog, and we can get you started with spending those $50 Pampered Chef gift certificates. Again, thank you for entering. This was fun!

Now, excuse me while I enjoy a cookie or two. I think I deserve a treat, too. :-)

Disclaimer or whatever: This blog post is sponsored by my incredible friend, Rhonda. While Rhonda is a Pampered Chef consultant, Pampered Chef is not sponsoring this giveaway. It is a personal venture in the name of friendship from myself and my friend. Opinions stated are purely my own.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you!!! I just entered my order tonight!!

  2. Fran, I hope you remain encouraged! I check your blog nearly every evening. It's my treat at the end of the day. Your authenticity is refreshing and entertaining. Also important . . . you create delicioius food!

    1. Thank you! And, thanks to all the entered in the giveaway. Rhonda and I really enjoyed this fun venture.


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