Tuesday, January 24, 2012

On The Side

I just got home from a little trip.
A little trip to NEW YORK CITY!
It was my first time visiting, and I CAN'T.WAIT.TO.GO.BACK.
Everything was so incredible.
My mind is a muddle of all the sights, and sounds, and flavors, and smells.
I don't know if there really are words to describe it all, but I will try.
In a later blog post.
I promise.

Today, I just wanted to remind you that while I was away, I had a new submission go up at South Dakota Magazine. Spinach Parmesan Couscous really is one of my favorite side dishes. In fact, I am thinking about it right now as a base for a braised lamb shank meal that I had in NYC and hope to recreate soon. You should try it...with or without braised lamb shank (but, if you do, share your recipe/technique, please?).

You should also check out all of the beautiful photos and wonderfully written articles at the South Dakota Magazine website. The staff has worked to collect a variety of points of view and highlight many interests here in our state. There is much to be appreciated. I may be anxious to visit New York City again, but South Dakota Magazine epitomizes why South Dakota will always be home, sweet home for me.

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