Thursday, February 25, 2010

Friendship doubles our joy and divides our grief.-- Swedish proverb

My heart is heavy. Health issues have struck my husband's family from out of the blue and knocked us all into a spiral of pain as my mother-in-law was first air-lifted from our small community to the "big city" hospital, and as things declined, transferred to hospice facilities there. It is just a matter of time, and her husband and children have gathered to be with her and share their love during her final moments. It is difficult, and it aches to the core.

However, through all of this, I have found support and kindness in a broad circle of friends. Expressions of love have poured in with kind words, deliveries of snacks, moments of respite, filling material needs, helping with medical expertize and information, offers of help in any way, shape and form, and many prayers and good thoughts. I have been blessed to have some amazing people in my life and am thankful for each and every one.

While visiting with one of those friends over a cup of coffee, he told me that he was going to work on a blog post last evening. I joked that he should do a food blog post for me, as I had planned to do more before our tragedy struck. He smiled and agreed. I thought it was just light-hearted banter and didn't really give it another thought. Later, he sent me a message with a link to his blog. That link lightened my heart and made me smile through my tears.

So...even in this time of sorrow, it is with great pleasure that I offer to you the first "guest blogging" appearance here On My Plate. Clink the link to this Sandwich of Love. Meet JG. Enjoy his beautiful photography. Follow him on Twitter, if you are so inclined. And know that (along with so many others that it is impossible to name you all), he is one of the good guys. I have amazing friends. Words cannot express how grateful I am for each and every one of you. Thank you. Thank you so very much for everything.

Try a Sandwich of Love On YOUR Plate.

(photo by Jonathan Garcia)

Thank you, Jonathan. I can't wait until you get the Guacamole Shake perfected. :-)


  1. We will pray for your family.


  2. So sorry to read of your MIL's failing health. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family!

  3. You and your family have our sympathy and prayers. God bless....Sandy

  4. My sympathy to you and your family. Also, I for one think your photos are wonderful and really show the beauty of your recipes. You keep up the good work; hold your head high; enjoy what you do for your own sake and not for the false reward of someone who proclaims themselves as an "expert". You are the expert of your own life. . . and your many fans wouldn't change a thing "On My Plate"!! My compliments to you as wife, mother, chef, photographer, and a neighbor whom I have never met.

  5. Hope you and your family are hanging in there!


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