Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Stirring Things Up

I created a little stir in my small town tonight with the debut of my Eye On Keloland interview. One phone rang with well wishes while the other one buzzed incessantly with text messages of the same. My Facebook and Twitter pages filled with comments from friends and family. It was a little bit of chaos, and just to make sure that I didn't get my head too high in the clouds, the puppy, Ace, decided to be sick right in the middle of it all just so that I could clean up the mess. He likes to keep me grounded...and remind me that my cooking isn't always "all that."

While this little bit of notoriety has been extremely nerve-racking, it has been fun. I am glad that I took this chance and really like how Erica Johnson of Keloland put together the segment. In case you missed it, HERE IS THE LINK and the video.


  1. It was a great segment! and you have a great kitchen!

    Fail Whale shout out!!

  2. It's not a fluke, hun...you're awesome! Kitchen looks great, wish we were neighbors so I can ask for fresh herbs. Ha.Ha.

  3. I am so glad you decided to make your blog public and even more delighted that KELO led me to it. I am a South Dakotan as well and I have just begun to do my food & photo blog so I am finding myself spending hours looking at other blogs. Your is very inspiring and I can tell you enjoy doing it.

  4. What a nice segment. It's nice to know someone in our part of the world has a blog.........I'm always looking for another food blog to read. This one will work great for me because I have the same grocery stores as you. I'm always trying to create new things too.
    Sandy in Winner

  5. That was awesome! How cool! And I love love love your kitchen.

  6. You did a wonderful job on Kelo and you blog is fantastic! You looked terrific made a friend from the past smile from ear to ear - thank you.


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