Thursday, January 25, 2007

A Place for Everything...

...and, everything in its place On My Plate. I try to be organized. In fact, I am compulsive about some things. Towels have to be folded exactly a certain way, and placed on the shelf in a certain order. The spices are in a distinct sequence based on frequency of use and classified by type. Folders are for paperwork. Notebooks of lists and notes accumulate rapidly. However, while I am fanatical in some areas, I am miserably lacking in others. Some parts of my life breed chaos, and I just live with it. I am a study of contrasts.

In recent days, I am trying to be more organized with my menu planning, and while going over recipes that Hubby and I have enjoyed and that I would like to repeat, I found myself struggling to remember if I had shared it here in the blog. I decided it was time to include a Recipe Index. You will find this new addition in the sidebar on the right. Hopefully, it will help you to locate any previously mentioned recipes, and will insure that I don't repeat my suggestions and bore you to death (that is, if I haven't already).

Now...time to fold some towels and figure out what sounds good for dinner...

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