Saturday, January 27, 2007

What's On YOUR Plate?

Today, I am lacking inspiration. Nothing sounds good, and I have no idea what to serve for breakfast, lunch, or dinner. I look at recipes, cruise my online sources, page through cookbooks, stand with the fridge and freezer doors open and still have no clue. I need help.

Give me an idea. What's on YOUR plate? Post your comments. Give me some ideas. Please. :~)


  1. When I lack cooking inspiration, I have some standbys. If I'm just feeding myself, it's Spaghettios, a frozen mini pizza or PB&J with a glass of milk. If I'm feeding myself & DH, it's tacos, quesadillas or black-bean burritos (catch a Tex-Mex theme there? What can I say - we love spicy foods, and those come together super quickly.) :)

  2. I didn't know I could leave comments!
    Mamma always told me to have 3 cans of chopped clams--a jar of clam juice--that stuff plus a pound of linguine and some chopped parsley can feed at least four in an emergency. It is a quick go-to meal for me.

  3. Richie, I hear that guys with fabulous taste in shoes always have a plan. :)

    Jen, it seems that we have a lot of the same eating habits. Lately, I have struggled to want to cook anything, though. Guess it is that after holiday slump. What will I blame it on in June, though? LOL


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