Saturday, December 02, 2006

Confessions of Plans Changed

I got ahead of myself yesterday. I made a plan for dinner early in the day and pulled the ground beef from the freezer. I thought that I was organized and prepared. However, when I came home from the office, my back was aching. I had been stiff all day and attributed it to poor posture and too many hours in front of the computer, but by evening, it was more than just stiff. Sharp pains shot across my shoulder blades and down my arms with every move that I made. I even felt a tightness in my chest and was uncomfortable with deep breaths. I hurt.

I wasn't interested in making dinner, even something simple like Thai-Style Ground Beef. I just wanted a couple of Advil, a heating pad, and a blanket to curl up with. Hubby came home with a list of errands that he wanted to run in the next town, and I gladly gave in when he mentioned bringing home Taco Johns. A Six Pack and a Pound was the perfect dinner for my night of aches and pains. The ground beef for the Thai-Style meal found its way back into the fridge, and will make another meal on another day. That is the confession of what really landed on my plate.

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  1. Hey - it happens to all of us, even a fabulous cook like you :) Hope your pain is lessened today.


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